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"Today isn't just good, okay, or fine...

Today is Great, Awesome, Fantastic!"

Brady Beran

Attitude is Everything -

Overcoming Tough Times 

It was a beautiful night for football.  Two cross town rivals were in the midst of a high school varsity game, when a player sustained a helmet to helmet collision.  The player went down, and was then assisted to the sidelines.  There he collapsed, minutes from death.  Rushed to the hospital, the neurosurgeon gave the parents the news, “I don’t know if he will survive,” before rushing off for the surgery. 

Through the grace of God, and a miracle, this player did survive, but the story doesn’t end there. 

A severe stroke, pneumonia, and feeding tube issues almost took his life while in a coma for five weeks.  He then begin to wake up; unable to walk, talk, read or eat.  It was a grim prognosis.

I was that player.  After four years of grueling therapy, I proved that Attitude is Everything. 






As a speaker, Brady talks about overcoming in tough times, by keeping a positive attitude in every circumstance.

Brady shares examples from his own circumstances, illustrating the power of a positive attitude, mixed in with lots of humor.

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